About Us

Chris Juice Bath

Chris Beck | Owner

After making a lifestyle change alongside my wife and family, I noticed a tremendous amount of energy, focus and conviction come over me. As I sought out places to eat and enjoy, my options were limited. Knowing that my city needed this, I could not hold back the desire to move forward with Eden. Here we are and the desire to expand to other locations is in full force. I look forward to serving you with nothing but the best quality and freshness we can offer.

Steph Juice Bath

Stephanie Beck | Owner

Through my health journey of healing my gut, I sought out healthy places to eat, after having to drive long distances or having limited options the desire to want to provide healthy in my hometown became a mission. In our city unexpected, we not only want to bring a refreshing and healthy option to our community, but wherever we may go and especially to your community.

The Best People, Serving the Best Ingredients

Eden does not exist without our people. Their smiling faces are what greet you when you walk in. Their hope is that you walk out feeling better than you did when you walked in. Refreshed with food for your body and refreshed with conversation, because our people care.